Seed Connect is a series of events launched in 2022 by the Seed Business School. To date, we have been actively involved in the organisation of six events in three different locations, concluding all of them with great success.

For a professional atmosphere, a stylish venue

The series of events provides a platform for middle and senior business leaders to discuss various leadership issues, trends and challenges. The half-day programme always throws in different topics and takes it all to a high level with high profile, renowned speakers - professionals.

For this professional atmosphere, we needed a high quality venue(s). So we chose first the four-star Crowne Plaza Budapest and then the Budapest Marriott hotels. The next event was held in the stunning building and the special hall of the Parisi Courtyard.

Everything finally falls into place

Although a series of events like this is made up of the same elements, each one requires a great deal of care and precision. Often, the technical set-up starts the day before, so that by 8 o'clock in the morning, the rehearsals are done, the finishing touches are put in place and we can welcome our guests with a big smile.

There are always unexpected twists and turns that need to be reacted to on the spot, but that's why every event is different for the sixth time!