Every year, FOX International hosts a week-long exhibition and partner meeting in Hungary for the leading angling brand. The special feature of the event is that it is held in a premium hotel environment. It is an important expectation that the expo-like showroom will have high quality catering services and technical solutions available for the vendors throughout the day.

For the last two years the Grand Hotel in Esztergom has hosted the event. The hotel's easily accessible exhibition space and proximity to the Danube were decisive factors.

The clientele is exclusively premium corporate clients, each requiring special focus and attention throughout the event.

Unusual challenges

The biggest challenge was the logistics, as the high-value exhibits were delivered by truck from the warehouse in Central Europe, which had to be unloaded on site by forklift truck and then set up in the exhibition space. At the end of the event, the objects must be sorted back into transportable crates, which are transported by truck back to the European warehouse or sent on to other countries. Planning and timing are of the utmost importance!

We have had a very close relationship with our client for many years. Through the mutual trust we have built up, we are successfully and with increasing ease overcoming obstacles in this challenging job.