The team building programmes developed by Event Group are constantly expanding. The online team building programs during the covid were the biggest boost, and after that we have come up with more and more ideas for team building programs, which we can recommend to both small and large teams based on the feedback of our partners.

Have fun and develop your team with us!

The team building programmes we organise with personal participation can be divided into two categories:

  1. Classic station games, with non-classic activities - in this case, the participants, divided into teams, visit each station in turn and are met at the stations by an animator who explains the task and coordinates the game
  2. Thematic problem-solving games led by a specialist. In this case, the game is presented by a trainer to all participants at the same time, and teams can solve each sub-task at their own pace.

In both cases, the number of participants in the team-building programme can be expanded as desired, making our games enjoyable for small teams but also suitable for larger crowds.

Our programmes typically develop the following skills: cooperation, strategic thinking, communication, creativity, confidence, dexterity, problem solving.

Our team-building programmes are available in Hungarian and English and are run by qualified coaches, actors, sports referees, physical education teachers and experienced animators, depending on the nature of the games.

Can't find what you are looking for? Leave it to us!

Games are also developed on demand, which is how, for example, What an idea! and Brain Teaser. The former was created as a fun game for a national training series, the latter was developed in response to a request from a 50-person breakout room at a large national company.

We like to package our team-building programmes in thematic frameworks, adapting them to current corporate communications. On request, there is also the possibility of a joint evaluation of the experience gained during the games with our trainers immediately after the programme.

Order at the office or anywhere in the country!

Our team-building programmes can be delivered to the office or workplace, so you can even enhance a simple weekday with our games, without additional catering or venue hire.

If you're looking for the right accompaniment for corporate banquets, galas or partner meetings, give us a try! Year after year, we have been adding a special touch to the New Year's Eve Ball of the Corinthia Hotel in Budapest, and several companies have treated their guests to our programmes.

Check out our games and if you can't find what you are looking for, contact us at or +36702480866!