An iconic old favourite back in Hungary:

KAMAZ partner meeting - special venue, practical catering equipment and solutions

The legendary trucks are back! KAMAZ is Russia's largest automotive company, offering its customers a wide range of quality commercial vehicles since 1969. Their rugged trucks returned to the Hungarian market in 2018 and are distributed by Duna Autó Zrt. On this occasion, the robust vehicles were presented to existing and potential partners, with the assistance of the Russian communication agency PR Partner.

Special built, outdoor venue, practical catering equipment and solutions

The event could not have taken place anywhere else but at the central location of Duna Auto, the "Car City" in Zay Street. However, we needed a mobile venue, so we opted for an event tent. The wooden flooring compensated perfectly for the unevenness of the concrete floor and provided a more elegant appearance. The practical catering equipment and solutions hired by our company further enhanced the quality of the event.

Building relationships and meeting partners in a different way

Rather than a boring, sit-down press conference, we wanted the client and us to ensure that the guests really experienced the "KAMAZ experience" and connected positive experiences with the brand. The event was enriched by interactive games. The exhilarating atmosphere was created by the world champion Rock and Magic dance team, who prepared a varied and inspiring programme especially for the occasion. Our hostess girls were not only beautiful, but also actively helped to ensure the smooth running of the event.

Complete event management from A to Z

We love assignments where we can offer complex solutions to our clients! The KAMAZ partner meeting was just such an event: buffet lunch with a standing reception, special mounting of a 4 x 3 m banner on a truss frame, rental of catering equipment, sound system, graphic design and implementation, post-production of fresh photos and aftermovie, ready to hand on the spot...

Within the framework of a successful co-production with a foreign agency, we took care of the entire event organisation from A to Z.