Back to the alma mater!

SEED alumni meeting: networking and professional presentations

SEED Business School in Budapest offers world-class business training for business leaders in Central and Eastern Europe.Since 2016, we have been actively supporting their objectives by providing the precise back-office logistics for the training courses and by fully organising the alumni meetings every year. This is an opportunity for former students to return to their alma mater and talk to each other and their former teachers. The primary aim of the event is networking: the SEED Alumni Reunion is a high-quality networking event for a management community with similar values and spirit.

We will be careful in choosing the venue!

Every year we try to choose a sophisticated venue that is as suitable as possible for the target group's tastes. In 2019, for example, we chose the Larus Restaurant and Event Centre, where we mixed minimalist loft style with elegant decor elements. Larus, a "Sustainable Restaurant", offers a menu of dishes prepared in an environmentally-conscious, green catering style (seasonal menu, ingredients from local producers). In 2018, the Brody House Studios, with its bohemian and creative atmosphere of ruin bars, hosted the event both indoors and outdoors.

Oiled event = unobtrusive background work

In the background, we worked unobtrusively to make sure everything ran smoothly and without a hitch. "What can go wrong, will go wrong." - says Murphy's Law. Ad hoc situations can arise, and a good event planner can respond quickly and effectively. An example is when it rains on an outdoor event, which calls for an immediate quick solution. In such cases, we have a plan B, we deal with the problem calmly and we solve it within a short time.

Scenario almost to the minute

To avoid unexpected surprises, we have also prepared a detailed scenario for these events. For example, we knew exactly how long Péter Árvai (Prezi) or Katinka Hosszú would be performing, when the raffle and the standing reception would start.

The networking event was a relaxed affair, a great opportunity for serious, high business people to relax after work.